Right To Know Requests

All Non-Police requests shall be submitted to the Township Open Records Officer: Ronald Borczyk

All Police requests shall be submitted to the Township Police Department Open Records Officer: Lt. Randy McAllister




Ways to Submit a Non-Police Request:

•  In Person or by Mail to:

Ross Township - Right To Know
c/o Ronald Borczyk
1000 Ross Municipal Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

•  Via Email to: Ronald Borczyk

•  By Fax - ATTN: Right To Know - 412-931-7062

What to Include:

  • Identification or description of the requested record in sufficient detail to enable the Township to ascertain which records are being requested.
  • Name, address and telephone number of the individual to receive the Township’s response. 
  • How you would prefer to receive the request. (example: mail, pick-up or e-mail) 

Agency Response:

The Agency Officer will respond as soon as possible, but no later than 5 business days after the request is received. All responses will be provided in writing from the Agency.

Fees for Printed Materials:

$0.25 per page for black & white copies
$0.50 per page for full color copies
$2.00 per page for large plans

2024 Fee Schedule

Please Note: If a requester has an outstanding debt from a previous request, future requests will NOT be granted until the debt is paid.

Procedures for Denied or Partially Denied Record Requests:

If a request for access to a record is denied, or denied in part, the requester has the right to appeal the denial within 15 business days of the Agency's response.

Beginning August 1, 2022, all appeals, with a few exceptions, will be processed through the E-File Appeal Portal. Learn more about the New Process for Appeals.

Office of Open Records
Phone: 717-346-9903
Fax: 717-425-5343
Email: openrecords@pa.gov

For More Information:

- Visit the Office of Open Records Website
- View the Citizens' Guide to the Right to Know Law