Sewer User Fees

Sewer User Fees

Ross Township contracts with Jordan Tax Service to provide the billing and collection of Sewer User Fees. Sewer bills are mailed monthly by Jordan Tax Service. As a convenience, residents may elect to receive sewer bills via email rather than postal mail. Click Here to register for eBilling through Jordan Tax Service.

ALCOSAN (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority) provides sewage treatment for all Township residents and businesses, and invoices the Township based upon the water usage (readings from West View Water) of each sewer user.

Property owners are liable for the unpaid bills of the tenants. New resident homeowners may receive water/sewer bills for the previous owner. Buyers and sellers should arrange to make bill payments at the time of the closing on the house.

If bills are not paid by the property owner by the due date on the invoice, late fees and interest will be charged to the account. Ross Township does not waive fees or interest on any unpaid amounts. If the property owner’s account reaches $400 or over in past due amounts, Jordan Tax Service will issue a Water Shut Off notice in which will give the property owner a short period to pay off all delinquent amounts owed or water will be shut off to the property.

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