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Posted on: August 8, 2019

Board of Commissioner's Meeting Highlights

Rabies Baiting

To reduce risk of a human case of rabies, the Allegheny County Health Department and USDA Wildlife Services distribute vaccine baits throughout all areas of Allegheny County. Please keep your dogs on leashes from August 5th - 28th so that the raccoons eat the baits instead of your pups.

Cooperating Federal, State, and county agencies are conducting an oral raccoon rabies baiting project in western Pennsylvania. A vaccine packet is coated or placed inside a fishmeal block, which is very tasty to raccoons. The baits are dropped from low-flying airplanes or helicopters, or by local teams on foot or in vehicles. The vaccine CANNOT cause rabies.

This year’s operation will run:

August – September 2019 

What if I find rabies baits? 

Baits should be left alone – but intact baits can be moved if they are found where children and pets play. Damaged baits should be bagged and disposed in the trash.

• Wear gloves or use a plastic bag when picking up the baits.

• Toss intact baits into a fencerow, woodlot, ditch, or other raccoon habitat areas.

• Wash your hands after any skin contact with a bait.

What if my pet eats a bait? 

• A few baits are not harmful, although eating a lot may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

• Do not risk getting bitten by taking a bait away from your pet.

• Confine your pet for a couple of days and check the area for more baits.

• If your pet eats a bait, avoid your pet’s saliva for 24 hours, and wash skin or wounds that may have been licked.

For information about the oral rabies baiting program, contact: 

USDA Wildlife Services: 1-866-487-3297

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture: 1-717-783-9550

Pennsylvania Department of Health Information Line: 1-877-PA Health

Erie County Department of Health: 1-814-451-6700

Allegheny County Department of Health: 1-412-350-4046

For information concerning accidental contact with baits, call 1-877-722-6725.


Community Days in Ross Township at the Block Northway

September 7th: 12-8 pm

September 8th: 1-6 pm

The Block at Northway is graciously hosting our annual Ross Township Community Day events.

On Saturday, September 7th from 12-8 pm there will be 70s, 80s and 90s musical performers, carnival games and rides for the kids, Farmer’s Market, and plenty of food vendors to choose from (featuring special deals from The Block businesses!)

On Sunday, September 8th from 1-6 pm (also at The Block Northway), we’re extending Community Days for a Classic Car Cruise with all your favorite Oldies Music, featuring DJs & Doo‑Wop band The Bloomfield Boyz!


Finance Director Report

Director Berty presented the 5-Year Capital Improvement plan for 2020 – 2024. The total Plan included $31.8M in total for Capital Equipment, Landslide Correction Program, Multimodal Transportation Program, Public Buildings, Park Improvement, Sanitary Sewer Projects, Street Improvement Program, and Storm Sewer Projects. Director Berty also mentioned that approximately $5.3M of the projects would be offset by other funding sources, such as Equipment Financing and Grants.

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