When do I need a grading permit?

A grading permit is required if any of the following are exceeded:

  1. A cut or fill of greater than four (4 feet) in depth
  2. A total area of cut or fill greater than 1000 feet
  3. A total volume of great than 50 cubic yards
  4. Grading in an easement for a public sewer, water main, storm drain or power line.
  5. An encroachment on or alteration of an existing drainage channel or watercourse.
  6. For surface mining involving 50 cubic yards or more
  7. Removal of trees, vegetation or other natural ground cover: in an area greater than 1000 feet, or on slopes greater than 25 percent
  8. Surfacing and paving of land other than streets or ways with non-permeable material of areas greater than 5000 square feet.

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