Civic Engagement

Ross Township is committed to engaging the public through various outlets, including its website. Beginning in May of 2016, the Township began to post the Board of Commissioners' Meeting Packets. In addition, the following table charts the websites analytics, including number of page site hits.

December 2016 467,171
January 2017  
February 2017  
March 2017  
April 2017  
May 2017  
June 2017  
July 2017  
August 2017  
September 2017  
October 2017  
November 2017  
December 2017  


Financial Reporting

The CAFR goes well beyond the general purpose financial statements in providing information. It can be an important tool used in evaluating the creditworthiness of state and local governments. It presents useful information in an organized manner. It includes key trend data, spanning a period of 10 years, concerning the economy, taxes spending patterns and the nature of the governmental structure.The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting Certificate Program, which was established in 1945, is designed to recognize and encourage excellence in financial reporting by state and local governments. Participation in the program reflects a significant proportion of larger general purpose governments in the United States. Over 70 percent of all cities and 43 percent of all counties with populations in excess of 50,000 participate in the program, as well as more than 40 state governments.

The above is a brief overview of what the CAFR entails. Mainly, it conveys financial and demographic information about Ross Township that can be used by credit evaluators, governmental officials and the general public.

Past Reports:

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Yearly Report 2006

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Financial Statements and Supplemental Information (Audits)

Auditor's Report 2008

Auditor's Report 2009

Auditor's Report 2010

Auditor's Report 2011

Auditor's Report 2012

Auditor's Report 2013