Ross Township and North Hills School district share many facilities and resources and cooperate in municipal planning. The two meet annually to discuss development, progress, and future changes to our community. The Township has three commissioners that act as liaisons with the school district, meeting as needed. In addition, the Township and School District jointly fund a crossing guard program. There are 15 high volume traffic areas monitored daily by trained crossing guards. This insures children arrive and depart the schools safely.  

The Township partnered with the school district to educate and engage the elementary students surrounding Stormwater and Environmental Stewardship. The link below is an example of one of the many presentations used to spark interest in the children while educating them on specific issues in our community. Waste reduction and recycling, environmental conservation, public health and safety, and reducing water pollution are some of the popular topics. 

Elementary School Stormwater Presentation


North Hills High School
53 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
New Student Registration - 412-318-1434
Phone- Main Office 412-318-1402; 11/12 Office 412-318-1405; 9/10 Office 412-318-1410
Fax - 412-318-1403
Principal - Mr. John Kreider
North Hills Middle School 
55 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone - Main Office 412.318.1452; Attendance 412-318-1456; Registration 412-318-1456 
Fax: 412-318-1453
Principal - Mrs. Beth Williams
Highcliff Elementary 
156 Peony Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15229
Phone - 412-318-1582
Fax - 412-318-1584
Principal - Mrs. Elaine Obidowski
McIntyre Elementary 
200 McIntyre Road
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237
Phone - 412-318-1622
Fax - 412-318-1624
Principal - Mrs. Amy Mathieu
Ross Elementary 
90 Houston Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3699
Phone - 412-318-1542
Fax - 412-318-1544
Principal - Mr. David Lieberman
West View Elementary 
47 Chalfonte Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15229
Phone - 412-318-1502
Fax - 412-318-1504
Principal - Mr. Jesse Simpson