Preparation and Coordination for Disaster

The PA-FaRMAS embraces an all-hazards approach to the effective management of emergency response personnel during the incipient stage of any major incident and throughout its extended operations. Effective utilization of this plan will by far, have the most significant impact on reducing loss of life and coordinating the use of statewide resources in the most efficient means possible. 

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Ross Township strives to create a supportive community that fosters positive attitude and behavior to create the best quality of life. Awareness and prevention of crime is a staple in creating a high quality of life. According to statics reported by

Ross Township is safer than 53.4% of the cities in the nation

The crime rate in Ross Township is less than 35% of the cities in Pennsylvania.

The chance of being a victim of a crime in Ross Township is 1 in 45.

The chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Ross Township is 1 in 1,041.

The chance of being a victim of a property crime in Ross Township is 1 in 47.


Hate Crimes

There are 43 police officiers employed by Ross Township to assist you and your concerns. If you feel as if you are a victim of a hate crime, please report to an officer as soon as possible.

If you have concerns with hate crimes in your area:


Ross Township strives to secure the ulitmate public safety for its residents and employees. For the employees, there are safety classes that employees must attend to learn up-to-date safety information.

Ross Township is also on its way to forming a Safety Committee, which will meet monthly to asses the safety situation of employees and area of Ross Township.

If you have any safety concerns, do not hesitate to contact Ross Township to address the needs.