Pickup Dates and Guidelines

Cans are to be placed at the curb no earlier than 4 p.m.

Garbage and Recycling are picked up on the same day, but the day of the week depends on the street that you live on.  Waste Management picks up trash throughout the week in Ross Township.

Contact Waste Management 1-800-866-4460 to find out your garbage pickup day.

Disposing of Common Household Hazardous Waste

Home Collection Program for Household Generated Special Materials

As part of the residential solid waste and recycling contract with Waste Management, you have a convenient opportunity to dispose of your household generated special materials (i.e. garden chemicals, paints, household cleaners, swimming pool chemicals, fluorescent tubes, etc.)- safely, easily and responsibly.  The At Your Door Special Collection Program is a residential service offered by Waste Management to provide year-round collections for you.

For more information, including acceptable and unacceptable materials, setting up an appointment, and preparing for collection can be found on the attached flyer from Waste Management:

List of Eligible Materials for COG Pick-up & Instructions (PDF)

For any other questions concerning garbage/refuse disposal please contact: Waste Management (800) 866-4460 Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.

For information on the proper disposal of household hazardous waste you may go to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Household Hazardous Waste Task Force's web site: