Sergeant Samuel Comport
Detective Larry Wagner
Detective Brian Kohlhepp
Detective Michael Kirtley
Detective David Sciullo

The Detective Division handles the investigation of major crimes and incidents including homicide, suicide, sex offenses, and robberies. They also conduct general investigations into burglaries, thefts, computer fraud, narcotics and serious juvenile investigations. This division is also responsible for conducting pre-employment background investigations on potential new officer candidates.

The Detective Division is staffed by five police detectives, Detective Sergeant Samuel Comport, Detective Larry Wagner, Detective Brian Kohlhepp, Detective Michael Kirtley, and Detective David Sciullo. These officers are assigned to the division full time to handle all investigations that result from any serious or complex criminal case. The Detectives handle a variety of complex in-depth investigations, including but not limited to financial crimes, computer crimes, sex assaults, burglaries, robberies and narcotics.

Detective Sergeant Samuel Comport supervises the daily operations of the Detective Division such as case assignment, directing and guiding investigations, maintaining and preparing division records.

In addition to conducting investigations assigned to the division, the detectives are also available to assist patrol division officers with any criminal investigations that they may be investigating. This assistance can range from providing guidance on a portion of the investigation to assisting the officers with interview or interrogations. All of the detectives are well schooled on the latest interview and interrogation techniques as they depend on these daily to complete their work.

The Detectives use the latest technology in their efforts to solve crimes. Among the tools available to them are a computer enhanced composite system and night vision equipment. One of the most productive methods available is the polygraph examination. Utilization of a state of the art computerized commercial polygraph instrument ensures reliability and accuracy. Polygraph (commonly called a lie detector) is a valuable tool in criminal investigations and applicant screening. This service is available to nearby police agencies to assist with their criminal investigations.

The Detective Division is available 24 hours a day to investigate serious crimes. If a Detective is not on duty, one or more may be called out by the shift supervisor.