The Building Inspection Department performs many functions in the township. First is administering the building and fire codes. The codes are nationally adopted minimum standards to ensure that buildings that are constructed or renovated are done in a manner that is safe. Presently, the township enforces the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 1999, which has been recently amended again by Act 106 of 2008. This Pennsylvania Code references the 2009 International Code Council’s Building, Residential, Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing (amended by the Allegheny County Plumbing Code), Energy Conservation, Fuel Gas, Existing Building, Performance, and Urban Wildlife Codes. It has also adopted by reference the 2008 National Electric Code and the ANSI A117.1-2003 Accessibility Standard. Further information on the PA UCC Code is available at the Labor & Industry website. L&I has been charged with the duty of developing regulations to administer the code and is in the final stages of that task.

The Building Inspection department also handles the planning and zoning functions for the township. Planning and zoning differ from building codes in that they regulate how a property is used and what the site looks like after development. The planning and zoning regulations are enabled by the Municipalities Planning Code, a state law that gives municipalities certain rights on regulating how properties are used and developed. It divides the township into different zoning categories and sets forth the different uses that are allowed in those districts. There are documents available at the municipal building that explains in much greater detail the development process.

The department also enforces, through the Code Enforcement Officer, the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code. This code regulates how properties are maintained. This ensures that the health and safety of the residents and others are maintained. Some of the provisions of the property maintenance code regulate rubbish and garbage accumulation as well as high grass and weeds.

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