Ross Township has successfully joined Live Well Allegheny! We are now joined with Allegheny County and its comprehensive, innovative strategy on wellness. This involves a coordinated, local effort to improving the health of our Township residents. In order to improve the physical health, mental wellness, personal and community safety, prevention and preparedness, nutrition, well-being, quality of life, education, standard of living, and more, there must be a cultural change as to initiate a behavior change among the residents. Click to view Live Well Allegheny Website and utilize their health tools! 

Ross is in the process of identifying issues, such as childhood obesity due to a lack of physical activity, as to strategize how to implement a plan to remedy the found issues. The plan includes a series of phases that occur over a period of time, for living well is a continual process and goal of the community. We as a community must capture the ability to sustain ourselves and livelihood and to do that Ross is targeting areas of emphasis, such as healthy food consumption and social determinants of health. Ross Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee has been formed to create a healthier and safer community. Click here or the box below to go to their website for more information.

The community of Ross has been blessed with 22 park facilities as to aid in the living well mission, as well as the Community Center and schools. Together, we can assist ourselves and one another to foster the best health practices within our community and Allegheny County. The Live Well Plan is coming soon to the website as so you may jump on the train to a better, healthier life!


Check out Western Pennsylvania's Guide to Good Health Calendar of Events to see if there are any beneficial health events for you or loved ones. 


















Our Health Our Voice"Our Health, Our Voice" is the ongoing theme of the Health Department's public outreach campaign to share key information and statistical data about our population’s health and well being.

The 2015 Plan for a Healthier Allegheny (PHA) PDF, opens in new window (rev. 5/29/15) — produced by the Allegheny County Health Department — is the product of months of collaborative work with an Advisory Coalition of more than 70 stakeholder organizations representing multiple sectors affecting health in Allegheny County. Using data collected through our Community Health Assessment (CHA) we have identified five critical priority areas with their own objectives, metrics and actionable strategies that can help us achieve improved health outcomes for our County.

2015 Plan for a Healthier Allegheny (Cover)Access - Identify and address gaps in and barriers to accessible and affordable, person-centered, high quality health care.

  • Access to Healthcare Services
  • Insurance
  • Transportation

Chronic Disease Health Risk Behaviors - Decrease preventable chronic disease by assuring access to resources, knowledge, and opportunities for residents to adopt healthy behaviors.

  • Obesity/Poor Nutrition
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Smoking/Tobacco 

Environment - To enhance quality of life by reducing pollution and other environmental hazards using coordinated, data-driven interventions.

  • Air Quality
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas Production (UOGP)
  • Water Quality

Mental Health and Substance Abuse - Reduce mortality and morbidity related to mental and substance use disorders.

  •  Depression
  •  Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Integration of Mental Health into Physical Health


Maternal and Child Health - Reduce morbidity and mortality, by improving the health and quality of life of women, infants, children, caretakers, and their families, especially in vulnerable communities.

  • Asthma
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant Mortality
  • Low Birth Weight
  • Parental Support

Used together with health analysis tools, including the Allegheny Community Indicators and the Community Health Assessment Report, the 2015 Plan for a Healthier Allegheny is a guide for our County to improve health outcomes in several major categories over the next 3-5 years.


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