Q: Where is the police station located?
A: The Ross Police Department is located at 1000 Ross Municipal Drive. Our station may be accessed off of Evergreen Road or from McKnight Road.

Q: Where is the magistrate located?
A: The magistrate’s office is located at 439 Perry Highway in West View Borough.

Q: Is The Ross Police Department hiring police officers now?
A: Check the employment section of the web site for up to the date testing information. 

Q: I was involved in an accident and need a copy of the accident report. What do I do?
A: Contact the Records Division during normal business hours and they will be glad to assist you. The Records Division may be reached at 412-931-9070 for more information.

Q: I received a citation. What do I do?
A: All instructions can be found on the back of the citation. Addtitionally if you received a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Traffic Citation you can pay online at https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/ePay/Default.aspx

Q: I would like to arrange a tour of the police station for my civic group, whom do I call?
A: Our Special Programs Division will make every attempt to accommodate your request; they may be reached at 412-931-9070.

Q: Every morning cars speed past the bus stop and come dangerously close to the children, what can I do?
A: All traffic complaints should be directed to the Traffic Division. The Traffic Officers will assess the complaint and take steps to address any safety problems they find. The Traffic Division may be reached at 412-931-9070.

Q: I found someone’s dog on my property; will the police department come pick it up?
A: No, the Ross Police Department does not pick up stray animals. If you find a stray animal on your property, contact the police department. We will contact our animal control service to remove the animal and make every attempt to locate the owner.

Q: Where can I get information about crime statistics?
A: Visit the link for crime statistics in Pennsylvania.

Q: I just installed a burglar alarm in my house or business, should I advise the police?
A: Yes, The Ross Police Department keeps information regarding your alarm on file in case of emergency. This way, if there is a problem inside your home during an alarm, the police will know how to find you or a relative.

Q: I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow and I am worried about burglars, what can I do?
A: Contact the Ross Police Department and advise an officer that you are leaving on vacation. The officer will take some information from you at the time of the notification. Officers will check your residence daily while you are away. When you return home, contact the Ross Police to advise that you have returned.

Q: Where can I find the Ross Township Ordinances?
A: The Ross Township Ordinances can be found online by clicking here.

Q: Someone just rang my door bell and asked me if I wanted to purchase some merchandise, should he be doing this?
A: Solicitation is permitted in Ross Township, but only following the issuance of a permit. Ask the person to see their permit. If they can not produce a permit for you to see, contact the Ross Police Immediately.