Ross Township has created a Traffic Advisory Board to ensure safety and high value on township livability. Ross wants residents to feel safe and secure as the population of Ross Township grows. The growth must be managed to balance our economic, social, and environmental health and to maintain a sustainable township.

The Traffic Advisory Board meets every second Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted).

If you would like a copy of the month's agenda, please contact the Township. 

The board members are as follows:

John McDonagh- Chair

Kathleen Buck- Vice Chair

Dana Bell- Secretary 

Edward W. Monroe

Lisa Herbert

Michael Haberman- Traffic Engineer

Chief Joseph Ley- Police Liaison

The Traffic Advisory Board approved Policies and Procedures. Within the document, you can read the procedure to bringing a traffic issue to the board. The first step is to fill out a request form for board approval.

Click the links below to download the form. You can either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., drop off, or mail form to:
Ross Township 1000 Ross Municipal Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.


There are many roads within the Township that are county or state roads. Ross Township can only address issues on Township roads. The Traffic Advisory Board is unable to hear cases requesting any speeds lower than 25 MPH, installation of "No Thru Traffic" signs, or the installation of speed bumps. 

Road Classification List

The board will reference Pennsylvania Traffic Calming Handbook when reviewing cases.