Please visit for more information on the Ross Township/Waste Management recycling program, including the annual waste collection schedule and more FAQ’s. You may also call the township at 412.931.7055.

 How often is my recycling picked up?

Recycling collection continues to occur weekly.


Where do I place my recycling bin for collection?

Place your bin at least 3 feet from other objects, such as your garbage can, a mailbox, a car or a tree. The lid opening should face the street. Write your house number on your bin with permanent marker for easy identification.


What are the benefits of my new recycling bin?

  • ·         Holds more recyclables (31.75” L x 24.25” W x 41.75” H)  
  • ·         Moves easily on wheels  
  • ·         Withstands wind gusts up to 50 MPH
  • ·         Features attached, hinged lid


What should I do with my old bin?

Do not put the old bin in the new bin. Keep your old bin, or take it to a special recycling center for disposal.


Did you know…

A lot of what goes to the landfill could be recycled and turned into new products. Help keep valuable, recyclable materials out of the landfill. Place all the materials listed below in your recycling cart. Make sure you are not putting the materials listed under the “not accepted” list into your new containers. These materials can contaminate the entire load of recycling. For more information about what can be recycled, visit



  • ·         Food waste  
  • ·         Foam cups, containers and shipping materials
  • ·         Laminated paper
  • ·         Plastic Bags (please take these to your local grocery store for recycling)
  • ·         Plastic take-out containers
  • ·         Plastic plates, cutlery, straws
  • ·         Plastic food wrap
  • ·         Clothing
  • ·         Greasy or sharp metal
  • ·         Broken office supplies
  • ·         Ceramics and broken glass
  • ·         Fluorescent bulbs and tubes
  • ·         Incandescent light bulbs
  • ·         Electronic Waste
  • ·         Sharps or needles


Commercial Licensing:

Any private operator who has customers within the Township shall be required to obtain an annual permit from the Township. Applications shall be made on forms supplied by the Township. The Township shall charge an annual permit fee in such amounts as the Board of Commissioners shall, from time to time, mandate by resolution duly adopted. Said operator shall, on forms supplied by the Township and at such times as shall be required by the Township supply information concerning its customers and volume of recyclable items collected.