When reviewing Ross' new Comprehensive Plan, there are clear results that people are interested in using public transportation. In our suburban culture, it is not an integrated way of transportation. We usually take to the convenience of our personal cars. One of the reasons for this is that people just do not know what stops to take and how easy it is to take the bus. Even though Ross Township developed a Traffic Advisory Board to figure out the best traffic controls, the fact is that population is growing, thus traffic increases, and there becomes a greater need to take public transportation. Imagine: you are not the one who has to pay attention when traffic is at it's height. You can relax and read that book you've always wanted to read while on your way to your destination.



CommuteInfo is also a great resource to find rides. Ross Township is developing a relationship with CommuteInfo to make transit, van-pool, carpool, bicycling, park-n-ride, and emergency rides home easier and more prevalent for the residents and employees of Ross. Please contact Natalie Thiess at 412.931.7055 x269 for any transportation questions.

Click here to view Port Authority of Allegheny Trip Planner to make figuring our which buses to take easy.

*New* Port Authority created an interactive map to make planning bus rides easier! Click here to view the map!

If you have a smart phone, you can also download Google Maps App so you can always have the routes at your fingertips.  Click here to view directions on how to use the Google Maps App.

Other apps to make transportation easier: TiramisuEz Ride Pittsburgh Mass TransitTransit Times

There is always carpooling. VisitCarpool Pittsburgh for more details. 



Ross Township has a Vehicle Use Policy in place that limits vehicle waste in Township vehicles: 

Employees who are required to use a vehicle to perform their job must use the appropriate vehicle for the assignment. For example, if it is just a site visit, then a Township compact car is to be used over a truck to save on petroleum.

Tires must be checked regularly for appropriate Psi levels to assure maximum mileage whilst driving the vehicle.

Pennsylvania’s Ant-Idling Act 124 of 2008 is respected by Ross Township and those who use municipal diesel-powered vehicles. The Act states that diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 10,001 pounds cannot idle for more than five (5) minutes. Exceptions to the Act are as follows: buses, school buses and school vehicles may idle for 15 minutes in a continuous 60-minute period when passengers are aboard. Other exemptions address excess idling due to factors outside the drivers’ control, such as traffic or mechanical issues. There are also exemptions addressing idling during maintenance, vehicle equipment inspection, and emergency or utility service functions and idling for security reasons.