Rental Policies & Rules

Section 1 - Reservation Policies

A. ECP is available for rental from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. If the ECP building is being rented, the Facilities Use Application must include set-up time. The building will only be opened at the time specified as ‘start time’ on the Facilities Use Application. The building will remain open for 1⁄2 hour after the specified ‘end time’ on the Facilities Use Application, during which time it is the renter's responsibility to clean the facility.

B. Reservations will only be accepted in person, at the Ross Municipal Center. Telephone reservations are not accepted.

C. Ross Township residents may reserve the facility up to 1 year before the requested date. Non-residents, businesses, and organizations may reserve the facility up to 6 months before the requested date. Governmental use requests may be made up to 18 months before the requested date. Within these time frames, reservations are on a first-come, first- served basis.

Section 2 - Required Reservation Documentation

A. Due at the time Reservation is made: Proof of Residency; Completed Facility Use Application; Rental Payment; Alcohol Permit and Payment, if applicable; Indemnification Statement; Certificate of Liability Insurance (if required)

B. Due 30 days before use: Damage Deposit

Section 3 - Enforcement of Rules

Municipal Police Officers shall strictly enforce the PA Motor Vehicle Code, the PA Crime Codes and any and all other legislative or municipal enactments concerning and relating to the use of the Ross Evergreen Park facility.

Section 4 - General Rules

A. Use of the Evergreen Community Park shall be restricted to the areas identified on the approved Facility Use Application.

B. The person who obtains the rental is responsible to be present during the function, and be responsible for the group’s general conduct.

C. The nature of the function and any related activity are limited to the events described in the Facility Use Application. Any event beyond that selection will be subject to additional fees and/or eviction from the facility.

D. The renter and his/her guests, invitees, and members stand as licensees of Ross Township.

E The renter and his/her guests, invitees, and members must adhere to the posted room capacity/maximum occupancy limits or, if not posted, the total number expected as defined on the Facility Use Application for all facilities associated with the Ross Municipal Center.

F. Must be at least 21 years old to rent the facility.

G. Windows in the recreation building at ECP are to be kept closed.

H. Under no circumstances can the building tables and/or chairs be removed from the building.

I. No unauthorized person shall clean, polish, grease, lubricate or make any repairs to vehicles on the grounds of Evergreen Community Park.

J. Electrical amplification equipment is ONLY permitted with the permission of the Parks and Recreation Director.

K. Personal metal detectors are not allowed.

L. The building, pavilion, furniture and equipment and all grounds must be left clean and orderly. The kitchen must be left clean (i.e. stove, oven, broiler, sink, and refrigerator must be cleaned if used).

Section 5 - Decoration & Signage

A. All Decorations must be restricted to the tables and/or free standing.

B. Nothing may be affixed to the walls or ceilings of the ECP building. Masking tape is permitted in the pavilion only. 

C. No candles.

D. In the event that signage is required, it must be approved by Ross Recreation Department. All decorations and signage must be removed within 1⁄2 hour of the end of the rental agreement.

E The renter is responsible for clean-up and removal of all decorations and signage and any damage that is a result of the decorations and signage set-up and/or removal. If the renter fails to comply with these Decorations and Signage Rules, they will forfeit all or part of their damage deposit. If the costs involved with clean up or repair resulting from the decorations or signage exceeds the amount of the damage deposit, the renter will be billed and responsible for paying the additional expense. The renter and his/her immediate family will not be permitted to further rent Ross Township facilities nor participate in Ross Township Parks and Recreation programs until all expenses are paid in full.

Section 6 - Supervision

A. The renter is responsible for the supervision and conduct of all individuals that are provided access to the areas specified in the Facility Use Application. Ross Township reserves the right to expel any renter or guest if deemed necessary (with forfeiture of any rental fees and damage deposit). The renter may also be subject to fines and liability for the actions resulting in the expulsion.

B. The renter is responsible for the adult supervision of all children in attendance of the function at all times. At no time shall a child not yet twelve years of age be permitted on the ECP grounds or building without a parent or custodian eighteen years of age or older accompanying such individual.

Section 7 - Alcohol

A. The renter is solely responsible and legally liable for serving alcohol to his/her invitees and guests in connection with the function and is subject to all provision defined in this document. A Municipal Alcohol Permit must be on file with Ross Township and must be paid for when the Facilities Use Application is submitted.

B. There is a $50 Alcohol Permit, which must be submitted and paid for with the Municipal Alcohol Permit.

C. The dispensing of alcoholic beverages is limited to five (5) hours, and is strictly forbidden during the last hour of the total rental time.

D. Beer kegs and other beverages in tubs cannot be placed in the recreation building. Instead, they must be placed on the side porch during the function.

E All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the confines of the rented area as designated in the Facility Use Application.

F. Renters may not charge fees for service or provisions of alcohol.

G. All alcoholic beverages must be distributed in non-breakable containers.

Section 8 - Smoking

A. The ECP is a Smoke-Free facility. There is no smoking allowed in the building. Smoking is only allowed outside, near safe containers designed for the safe placement of discarded tobacco products. All discarded cigarettes; cigars, smokeless tobacco, or cleaning of pipes must be fully extinguished and placed in a safe container designed for that purpose outside of the building.

B. The renter is responsible for inappropriately discarded tobacco products found in and around the rented facility. If areas are left unacceptable, it will result in a reduction or forfeiture of damage deposit.

Section 9 - Animals

A. Animals are not permitted unless to aid the disabled at any function in the facilities or on the grounds of the Evergreen Community Center.

Section 10 - Photography

A. Ross Township reserves the right to photograph events for promotional purposes.

Section 11 - Gambling

Gambling is prohibited. No ticket selling on grounds or at the door.

Section 12 - Music

No music permitted after 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights, and after 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights.

Section 13 - Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation, one-half (1/2) of the rental fee will be refunded if written notice is received no less than sixty (60) days before the rental date. If cancellation is less than 60 days before the rental date, no refund will be given. All damage deposits and fees associated with the serving of alcohol will be refunded in the event of a cancellation.

Section 14 - NSF Check Policy

Individuals who submit an NSF check will be contacted and requested to make immediate payment in cash. In addition to the original payment amount, a $25 service-charge will be due and collected at the time of payment. Failure to comply will result in loss of deposit and/or reservation date.