Durachko-Gottfried Citizen of the Year Award

Founded in 2019, the Durachko-Gottfried Ross Township Citizen of the Year Award is presented annually to a Ross Township individual, or a group of individuals, who has made a meaningful and significant impact on our community. Recipients have demonstrated a commitment to having made considerable, noteworthy, and long-lasting contributions to the lives of our residents and their families through the same selfless and caring manner displayed by the remarkable citizens for whom this award is named.

Award Recipients:

2023: Willa Neil
2022: Tom Baker
2021: Rhonda Campanella
2020: Daniel Burda
2019: Dr. Peg Durachko & Dr. Richard Gottfried

Who Should I Nominate?

• A person who continually volunteers his or her time, dedication, and talents to the Township and the citizens of the community to make Ross Township a great place to live, work, play, and learn.

• A person who has made a positive difference in the lives of fellow citizens.

• Someone who is dedicated to Ross Township and concerned for others. They may serve on school, church, service, or other community committees.

• A person who has shown a willingness to work with other Ross Township residents, who is enthusiastic about the Township and its citizens, and who works continually towards the betterment of the community.

• A person with honesty and integrity. 

Willa Neil Citizen of the Year

Left to Right: Board President Dan DeMarco, Willa Neil, Dr. Peg Durachko, and Commissioner Joe Laslavic