Chief's Welcome


Please be wary of school students and school crossing guards as you are driving on the roads!  Put the phone down, avoid distractions and help to keep our kids safe.  REMEMBER:  You MUST STOP for a School Bus that has its red lights activated and flashing.  This not only applies to roadways but also private roads and parking lots.  

Also, a new law in PA this year allows shool buses to have cameras mounted to the stop arms of the school buses to catch violators passing a stopped bus with the red lights flashing.  Do not be a violator!  Be a rule follower and keep all the kids safe!

Ross Township Police Department:  Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ross Township Police Department to provide the utmost in professional law enforcement service to the community for which is serves.

To accomplish this mission, every officer of this department must share, not only in the desire to attain the mission, but more so in efforts to accomplish it.

This mission is based on high ethical and professional standards. It includes preserving the peace, conflict management, and enforcement of criminal laws by officers who are committed to the rule of law. It includes being both responsive and responsible to the public we serve.

Chief's Mission-Vision-Values

Mission:  Create an Environment of Accountability

Vision:  Professional Work Ethic, Integrity, Safety for The Residents, Workers. and Visitors of our Community

Values:  Passion for Service


Coronavirus and the Ross Township Police Department

During these unprecedented times, rest assured that the Ross Township Police Department will be there to provide services and protection to the residents and the businesses of the Township.  Officers have been equipped with equipment to help keep them safe and to keep anyone that possibly may be infected safe as well.  We are working closely with our counterparts at Ross-West View EMS, as well as the fire departments and our Emergency Management Team in a joint effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. We ask the public to do their part as well by following all guidelines in place from the Local, County, State and Federal governments.  It is imperative to follow all of these guidelines and those established by the CDC in an effort to keep all safe and to contain and mitigate the virus. 


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Ross Township Police Department website. This site will provide a comprehensive look at the capabilities and quality of the officers of the department. All of our officers are proud of the high level of public service that we provide to the citizens of our community, our businesses and our guests. We are a full service police DSC_0064department and pride ourselves on delivering and maintaining excellent standards. I hope you find the website educational, informative and also learn what an excellent job the officers of the department do on a daily basis. I encourage you to become active in keeping up to date with occurrences in the township and your neighborhoods. Please take advantage of the services provided here to receive alerts, notifications and other pertinent information put out by your police department. Also, as a personal safety reminder: When you are out and about driving on the roadways of the Township, please be certain to adhere to all of the rules of the roadway, including stop signs, posted speed limits and traffic signals. Please help to do your part to keep our streets safe for our children, residents and guests. Thank you,
Chief Joseph A. Ley