Invasive Species of Concern

There are many invasive species of concern in Allegheny County. A few that are poised to cause extensive damage are:

Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) 

These insects are a threat to many fruit crops and trees. SLF suck the sugars out of plants, notably grapes and other crops, and have no predators. They reproduce in large numbers and their native host is the Tree of Heaven. SLF egg masses should be crushed and scraped off of the surface.

If you see a Spotted Lanternfly:

Take a picture of it, note the location, and Report it to the Department of Agriculture before killing it.

Spotted Lanternfly

Tree of Heaven (TOH)

This deciduous tree serves as a host of the Spotted Lanternfly and is aiding their spread. TOH is a high pollen producer and can impact human health. One tree can produce many seedlings in a large area, enabling it to invade more space. 

TOH is very difficult to eliminate. View this Control Strategies Video to learn how to eradicate this tree.

Jumping Worms

These worms are active in the top layers of soil. They eat the leaf litter and leave castings that deplete the soil of its moisture and nutrients. The texture of the soil left behind is compared to coffee grounds. Jumping worms, and their cocoons, should be killed.