Structure of Local Government

Ron BorczykRoss Township's Administrative Department is responsible for implementing government policy alongside an academic discipline that studies implementation and prepares its civil servants working in public service.

The Township Manager serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township. He is responsible for implementing the policies, resolutions and ordinances adopted by the governing body of the Township, which is the Board of Commissioners.

The Manager is also responsible for all Township staff, departments and activities and is supported on all efforts by the Assistant Manager. The Administration is assisted by a team of Directors, overseeing departments including the Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Community Development, Police and Finance. 

Each Department is integral in the successful operation of the Township. Each Department fields a myriad of questions and concerns and promptly addresses each one personally and professionally. 

Professional Development

Our employees take part in professional development and belong to professional development organizations. Our Manager is a part of ICMA (International County Management Association), PELRAS (Public Employers Labor Relations Advisory Service), taught a class for LGA (Local Government Academy), and APMM (Association Professional Municipal Management). 

Our newly elected official's also take advantage of the Local Government Academy's Newly Elected Officials Course. Our Parks and Recreation director, Eloise Peet, has a Masters in Public Administration. 


Moreover, the Township partners with the LGA utilizing their training and technical assistance for governing boards, leadership teams, and employees in the area of conflict competency and conflict management. LGA has three programs to assist Ross Township in identifying, managing, and overcoming internal and external conflicts.